A fintech speaker with a mind for social impact

Very thought-provoking. Mark has a wonderfully diverse background and is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of topics.
— Mindy Blodgett, Senior Editor, MIT Technology Review
You’ll never look at poverty and the Third World the same again.
— Michael Moore, Filmmaker
I will definitely operate differently in the field.
— Myra Khan, World Bank [on Poverty, Inc.]
A great presentation of a very
interesting MIT-IBM AI initiative.
— Igor Halperin, Research Professor of Financial Machine Learning, NYU

From poverty and development to blockchain and AI

Mark has served as a guest speaker for over 120 organizations and events including the MIT Technology Review, Impact Poland, Ciudad de las Ideas (Mexico), Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Stanford University, Cornell University, Copenhagen Business School, Engineers Without Borders, Global Health Corps (Barbara Bush), IBM Research, and many more.

Topics include:

  • AI for Finance (including Graph Learning for Anti-Money Laundering)

  • b_verify: An Open-Source Blockchain Protocol for Supply Chain Finance in Emerging Markets

  • Blockchain 101

  • Insights from Poverty, Inc. | A Critique of “International Development”

  • Screening of Poverty, Inc. with Filmmaker Q&A

  • Other (upon request)

Recent Event Highlights

  • The Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)

  • AI in Finance Summit | New York City

  • Next Steps in Finance, MIT Technology Review

  • Global Alliance for Banking on Values

  • Global Frontiers in Science and Technology

  • Impact Poland

  • OneMIT: MIT Sloan Executive Board

  • Workshop: b_verify for Supply Chain Finance | MIT Media Lab

  • La Ciudad de Las Ideas | Puebla, Mexico

  • Law and International Development Symposium, Harvard Law School

  • IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

  • Bretton Woods Summit on Financial Inclusion

  • Engineers Without Borders Annual Summit

Mark delivered a vivid picture of what our complex financial system might look like in the future, not only the first order effects, but also the deeper implications of adopting these new technologies for our society.
— John Gilmore, Engagement Lead, Vanguard Center for Analytics & Insights
Compulsory for anyone interested in social issues.
— Rathna Ramamurthi, JD candidate at Harvard Law School [on Poverty, Inc.]