On fear and failure: life lessons from amateur boxing

Boxing isn’t like other sports. It activates the lizard brain; the fight-or-flight response, primal fear. Search “boxing fear psychology” and you’ll find a wealth of interesting content. From the military academies preparing young minds to face the traumas of war to urban community centers helping kids escape drug violence, boxing transforms lives in ways that may seem absurd to the uninitiated.

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"Dhaka Hartal!" Riots in Bangladesh

We heard two big bangs about 50 yards ahead. My friends grabbed me, their guest, tightly and the rickshaw driver halted abruptly. People were running and yelling, but it seemed no one was hurt from the explosions. Just mini-bombs, meant to frighten, not to injure. A few moments later, we were bouncing along again as if nothing had happened. But that was just the beginning.

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